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Joyful Spirals (2mins)

Joyful Spirals! In less than 2 minutes this playful movement can lift the spirit and inspire ease. And it's lots of fun, too. No yoga mat required...just you and a few minutes to spare :).

Keep the knees soft, and the hips hinging backward -- think buoyant legs. Start the movement slowly by side bending side to side taking the arms in opposite directions. Then see how it feels to spiral down to the floor and back up again. Remember, it's not about how low you go, it's more important to feel a fluidity. Bend the knees more and keep the torso higher to experience a more subtle version.  Play with switching directions and have fun with it :). 

Short Warming Practice (7mins)

This warming practice is the opening to my class, "Easing Into Dancer Pose". It's a short practice that can be done independently of the full class to bring warmth and ease. Please enjoy it at your own time and come back to it anytime you like; it's a great way to start your day.  For me, every precious moment to myself these days is so valuable. And sometimes all I have is a few minutes to roll around on the floor and practice something grounding and unstructured.

I hope you enjoy it :).

Blissful Hip Roll Out (5mins)

All you need is a few minutes and a firm blanket.  This short practice feels like a luxury and brings a whole lot of ease to the low back and hips.  Take your time exploring the movements and have fun with it.  If you use Yoga therapy balls, you could also replace the blanket with them.  

10-Minute Guided Meditation

A short, guided meditation to take a moment and breathe. All you'll need is a comfortable seat, and a few spare minutes to pause.

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