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Enjoy accessible yoga practices with clear instructions designed to put you in the drivers seat of your practice, personalized attention and feel-good movements that support how the body moves.

Mindful Yoga Practices

Private Instruction, 1-Hour Session

Experience one on one attention with practices designed just for you.   Together we'll build a customized experience based on your current needs, interests and goals to meet you where you are on a given day.   Depending on your goals, here's some of the things we can work on:  yoga practice, mobility and flexibility work, building strength and resilience, finding a way in to a particular pose, building ease and strength for everyday life movements, relaxation techniques, restorative and self-massage.

30-Minute Feedback & Asana Evaluation

If you have some clarifying questions on your practice or particular poses, and how to ensure safety and ease as you move, this is time perfect for you!  It's also a great opportunity to look at your home practice space and the props you have available to help support your movement practice.  Together we'll look at your personal needs to improve efficiency and refine movements as you move towards your goals.  

Online practices are held via Zoom.  Each session is tailored to you and where you are on a given day, whether you are a beginner, working with an injury, or have a more experienced movement practice.  

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